Custom Tools and Products

Rothwell provides custom tools, equipment, and materials for your settlement instrument installations. In addition, we also manufacture specialty enclosures for electronics, such as: Siesmographs, data-loggers, and charging systems.

Custom Tools

Below you will find a selection of our custom site tools to assist your on-site staff.

SMP Tamping Rod

Product: TL-TS

Description: This unique 1.8 m tamping rod has a small 18 mm SQ tamping pad and an adhesive tape measure. Use it to verify SMP hole depth, then pack the sand around the sleeve.

SP Tamping Rod

Product: TL-TP

Description: This 1.2 m tamping rod has a large 50 mm SQ tamping pad. It can quickly pack the sand around the sleeve within the CSP.

CSP Filling Funnel

CSP Filling Funnel

Product: TL-FF

Description: This funnel fits within the 300 mm CSP. It will allow for rapid filling of the CSP from a loader or excavator.

Settlement Pin Centering Tool

Pin Centering Tool

Product: TL-CP

Description: This wooden tool fits over the 300 mm OD form, and holds the settlement pin plumb while the concrete sets.

Electronic Angle Finder

Digital Angle Finder

Product: TL-AF

Description: This electronic angle finder has a magnetic base and displays the angle to the nearest 0.1 degrees. Use it to ensure your plates are level and your rods are plumb.


Below are some common stand-alone materials you may want for your project.

25 MPa Quick-Set Concrete

Product: ML-CC

Description: 22 kg bag of redi-mix concrete. Volume is ~450 (0.5 cu.ft.) Just add water.

Well Gravel (Quartzite Sand)

Product: ML-QS

Description: 22 kg bag of 3/16″ well gravel. Typically used around piezometers.

Settlement Monitoring Components

Below are some common stand-alone materials you may want for your project. For complete components, find the list here.

Flush mounted road cover

Flush Mounted Cover

Product: ML-FC

Description: Road rated aluminium flush cover, 6″ diameter.

Lockable Riser Cover

Riser Lockable Cover

Product: ML-RC

Description: 100 mm SQ Steel lockable cover.

Settlement Rod Centralizer

Settlement Rod Centralizer

Product: SR-CC

Description: Typically a 50 mm OD with a 25 mm ID hole for use with settlement rods and benchmarks.

Site Services

While you or your geotechncial instrument supplier will typically provide a data-logger, we supplement these with our products. We can provide custom solar power systems for remote logging station. In addition, we have unique solutions for liquid settlement systems such as: self-filling reservoirs, temperature control basins for liquid lines, and logger programming.

Contact us for further details on how we can make your project a success.